Mountain Ash Berries

Mountain Ash Berries
Mountain ash berries

Surprise! Today’s Flower a Day post features bright, cheery mountain ash berries and not a flower at all! I hope that you will forgive my departure from the norm, but these caught my eye in early fall and I had to include them as they are such beautiful colours. During that season, the floor of my forest walk is literally covered with them, so that it looks like a red carpet! I had not noticed the flowers at all (note to self to look for them next year) but couldn’t miss these. I hope this photograph colours your day happier!

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  1. These berries are beautiful! I vote to make them honourary flowers and therefore apt for the flower-of-the-day posting. Ok, so they don’t have petals and pistils and stamen but what they lack in that department they make up for with stunning colour, sweetnes of character and the design of the cluster. In addition, they evoke similar emotions as flowers by making the viewer love them. They’re a perfect colour for a dull grey day and I can feel that warmth emanating through the screen. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. I hoped these ‘honorary flowers’ would please my viewers, including you, of course, Janet. Thank you so much. And enjoy your day with these spots of colour to brighten it.

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