Moth and Sunset

A moth is on a pink and yellow dahlia flower. The dahlia has toothed petals on the interior, with yellow tips. The outside large ones are a simple point, pink and pale pink. The moth is brown and dark brown with a few black marks.

To wish you a good Friday. Although I suspect this little moth (possibly a cabbage looper) is chewing through my brassicas, I couldn’t resist photographing it on this lovely dahlia flower. Breaking off from doing accounting work which was pressing, I wandered outside saw this and caught it on my phone. I hope you all have a lovely Friday!

After a day of frustration I got out for a quick evening walk and I was rewarded with this scene, also on my phone, so I leave you with it and hope your weekend is a good one.

A dark grey cloudy sky has ripples of clouds interspersed with red markings along the edges. The horizon has various trees interspersed along the ridge, while behind it is a gold patch.
Sunset on the ridge

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6 Responses

  1. Ellie the phone does a pretty good job and the depth of field is right on. Maybe Lightroom got involved knowing you . Also that white stuff wiill be coming sooner than you think …

    1. Thanks, Len. I missed this comment and appreciate your thoughts. Yes, taken as a raw file in the phone then into Lightroom for converting. White stuff due Thursday night. Argghh! It was 24°C today. Take care down under there.

  2. It is nice to see the flower still in bloom. It really highlights the moth. Hope we have some more lovely weather to keep our flowers going. Then you will be able to capture some more flying friends.

    1. Thanks Linda, yes, they are still going, at least some of them, and the flying visitors are still around. The forecast looks poor for this coming week with the sudden drop in temperature, so I am making the most of what we have now.

  3. No hiding place for that moth against that fuschia background! Your photo shows off both their features well, Ellie. Also the sunsetted silhouette of the skeletal autumn trees on the ridge speaks well to this time of year. Lovely.

    1. It’s been a week of different stresses and pressures, Janet, so the phone was a great option for catching brief moments of joy. I’m glad you enjoyed seeing them. Wish you’d been on the walk with me and Joni.

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