More Snow Due


We had an extra foot yesterday and there's another lot due for tomorrow night. It's very hard to walk now.

Joni manages, but I thought I was going to be sick when I got back today, it was such an effort. All the familiar landmarks are gone, buried deep. We are walking in the tree branches maybe more than 4 feet above the ground. And that's on the level surface, not on the snow banks that are above 10 feet high. The picnic tables are so far under the surface there's absolutely no sign of them. Hills and valleys are now the same. Without snow shoes I could not have gone at all.

For the first time I thought "this is not as fun as it looks".


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  1. +Ursula Klepper we have to wait and see if the ice melts and then if the ceiling will need to be fixed. They had to put a lot of salt into the ice to try to melt it from the roof and gutters. So far there is no more water coming in. We hope maybe the ceiling will shrink back once the water is gone and maybe just need to be painted.

  2. Thanks so much +Ursula Klepper – we have had another 25 cms of snow more. Steven is trying to put it someplace now. He can't lift it above the drifts any longer so is having to just pile it into a part of the drive. We can't afford to have it melt too quickly of course or we would have other problems. We even have had water come in our roof now and running down across our new kitchen ceiling under the plaster and down the inside of the window. They think they might have fixed the problem. Ice was building up on the roof and pushing up the shingles. Then it was running down through the roof and the walls and coming out in the kitchen. 🙁

  3. Oh no!! I so hope you are safe and warm and have enough to eat and are healthy!! This does not sound good! It is so hard to immagine how it looks like when you are walking in the tree branches. I have to send you some warm winds to melt the snow away! Hugs!!

  4. +Jenn Camforth I know. I lived in the UK for 21 years and I always said that I missed the obvious differences in the seasons. Now I'm thinking "Oh! To be in England now that Spring is here!"
    Great idea +Linda Jess – you go first. Besides, as we said yesterday, the hills and valleys are all levelled out now. 😀

  5. +Alex Lapidus it's as if she's swimming almost. We're coping, but it's a terrible time waster when
    Steve spends several hours every day just moving the stuff around. Thanks for asking. Good memories of summer just came to me in a flood.

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