Mint flower

Mint flower
Mint flower

In all of the years that I have grown mint, I confess that I have never really looked at – or even noticed – what their flowers are like. I was amazed to see their delicate beauty, with their tiny string of blue jewels, almost like a blue buddleia. It seemed the perfect share for your ‘A Flower a Day’ post today. I hope this brightens your day as it did mine.

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  1. A mini- buddleia! Perfect description of a little plant that not only offers us its fragrant leaves but decorates them beautifully. Another overlooked, underappreciated flower that starts my day with delight. Thank you.

    1. It’s true! I was almost ashamed to think it had hidden there all those years (behind a large Peony, in my defense) and I never saw its beauty. Thanks Janet.

  2. Love the beautiful color looked at it I could almost imagine a caterpillar crawling along the ground. Thanks

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