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Milkweed is a favourite of mine, though I admit that it is really disliked by some as it can be invasive. So why do I love it? Just look at those gorgeous little waxy flowers! And consider the fact that the leaves nourish Monarch butterfly caterpillars. Who wouldn’t love it for that reason alone? Although the caterpillars prefer the less common and not invasive Marsh Milkweed, they will lay their eggs on this variety. I love to watch the progress of the cartoon-like caterpillars as they grow from tiny striped threads into fat munching beauties, before they go into their cocoons to prepare for their life of elegance You can see these little beauties here. So I leave you to appreciate today’s Flower a Day, with all that it has to offer our countryside. Have a wonderful Sunday, all!
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  1. It’s a PFD and welcome. Milkweed’s is a complex flower. It ranks next to orchids in its intricacy and complexity. Its flowers grow in clusters resembling a corona – yes, that corona. I love the whole life-cycle of the milkweed, culminating in the splitting of the seed pod and the emergence of that ethereal plume of silk. The milkweed is self-seeding, spreading its life-supporting bounty across our fields and into our gardens. It has a dark side. Its sap, if consumed in quantity, is toxic to dogs and some individuals can react to it if it gets on their skin. However, it also bears medicinal properties known early on to our indigenous people. Its beauty is subtle and can go unrecognized if you don’t appreciate what it offers the natural world. Thank you, Ellie, for allowing me to appreciate its beauty off-season.

    1. I almost mentioned that it was a PFD, but thought i would leave it to you .
      Yes, fascinating plant and properties. There is so much to discover in our natural world. Thanks again for the research and for sharing that information.

  2. Thanks for sharing Ellie, it is a lovely little flower. Love the different shapes of the petals – the outside petals – the inside ones look like they’re little cups ready to catch water. And I even love it when it goes to a seed pod. I think that’s a beautiful thing too.

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