Mead Wort

Meadowsweet, Mead Wort

Meadowsweet, Mead Wort

These tiny Meadowsweet flowers in such delightful long bunches may look delicate and (as a commenter on the previous post noted) innocent, but they hold many powers, being used for medicinal purposes for colds, heartburn and arthritis. What interests me, though, is the beauty each tiny blossom holds and how the sprays will cheer my viewers if I photograph them nicely. I suppose ‘mead wort’ is the old name for them and, as previously noted, it gives me an alternative name for my post link. The last meadowsweet image I shared had centres that were more orange, so I wonder if perhaps there are different varieties. I made a special point of sniffing the flowers, but they had no scent, so I’m not sure where the ‘sweet’ comes from, except that they certainly look very sweet. Whatever the case, I hope you like these and they give you a bright start (or end) to your day. View all posts on the Home page.  A Flower a Day #400 

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October 21