Mayflower, Trailing Arbutus, Amercan Ground Laurel
Mayflower, Trailing Arbutus, Amercan Ground Laurel

One of my Nova Scotia Flower Scouts (an honorary title) called and emailed me yesterday. She wanted to alert me to the fact that I had not yet shared a photograph of Nova Scotia’s provincial flower, the Mayflower, which she could take me to if I wanted. As she rightly pointed out, we are a Province that is currently pulling together to get our latest pandemic numbers under control and we all need encouragement. Most of us have done our best to keep to the public health guidelines and for months – nearly a year – we have succeeded. I won’t go into the reasons for which we are now under siege, as I don’t like to play a blame game. I would much rather just focus on getting things back to our ‘normal’ here again and I think we are all working towards that goal. This flower is symbolic for 2 reasons. First, as I said, it is the provincial flower, which is a good reason to feature it. Second, this specimen is looking a little battered, a little the worse for wear, which is perhaps how we are all feeling. But it is still here, despite what it might have weathered. I am late finding and photographing this flower, but at least I have it here to send out to you all as a reminder, wherever you might be, that we will pull through this, despite what we might be going through. A Flower a Day #234

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  1. Nova Scotia celebrates the arrival of Mayflower in Spring and Ontario, the Trillium, our provincial flower, although we have mayflowers as well. Perhaps it’s just tired of all the rain. (My feet are starting to grow webs, lol). Where your flower at least has the good sense to stay under cover, our trilliums are sunseekers who like to stay out in the open. Needless to say they have yet to open. However, your little plant shares its sweet fragrance from cool darkness of the shady ground and smiles demurely on those who happen to notice it. Thank you, Ellie, for taking note.

    1. Thanks Janet. It’s true that you have had a lot of rain. Our little May flowers are fortunate that they are closed to the ground, as we have had constant wind! On a brighter note, thanks to the same scout I found a patch of trilliums that will be blooming very soon, so perhaps they will be out when yours are.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Eleftheria. I really appreciate it. It’s a struggle for us all, me included, but this does help me in trying to keep positive. xxx

  2. Thanks so much Ellie. I do love the smell of May flowers. They are pretty little flowers as well. Never really noticed the centre of them before till I looked closely at this photograph. They are a hearty flower and can give us some good examples. Like you say we all just need to hang in there and, this will get over eventually. Hope you have a pleasant day today. Sending along hugs.

    1. You won’t believe that I haven’t seen any until I was called about them and it is a little late. We have none around here. I’m glad you liked the image, wish I had got a better one with less tired flowers. Have a good day, Linda. And thank you.

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