Mauve Hosta Flower

Hosta flower
Hosta flower

Heads up: I am moving web hosts today, so it is possible (if there are glitches) that my posting tomorrow might be delayed. I hope not, but if so, you will know why!

It seems to be hard to find flowers that are not pink to share with you all, so I am just going to go with what the countryside (and my garden) presents me with and share pink! Another Pink Flower Day is fine with me, so I hope it is with you. I was intrigued by how the stamens of this hosta flower almost look cartoonish in their colour and shapes. If it makes you all smile, then I have succeeded in my intent today! Happy Tuesday, friends. A Flower a Day #318  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers posted, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-)

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  1. Flowers on hostas were a surprise to me when I first saw them years ago now. This is because hostas are a plant that are known for their showy leaves, like coleus are. So when the flowers appeared, it was a like being given a bonus, an unexpected gift. With the wide variety of hostas comes a wide variety of blooms in a range of colours. However, like this lovely purple bloom, they seem to share it’s ‘come hither’ stance, a yearning or beckoning to the admirer to take a closer look. Thank you, Ellie, for offering us this beautiful closer look.

    1. I had the same reaction as you did the first time I became aware of hosta flowers, Janet. And, unlike so many of us, at any age, flowers always seem to get even more lovely the more we peer at them! I know I personally wouldn’t benefit from the intense scrutiny that I impose on the flowers in my project, but every one of them has only looked more beautiful for that closer look. Thanks Janet. And you’re most welcome. As always.

  2. Lovely as usual Ellie. Is a pretty mauve colour and the contrasting orange is a surprise. I’ve never really looked that close at hosta flowers before, I must go outside and check mine to see what they’re like. Hope you have a great day. Love to you and Steve.

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