Marigolds are such bright cheery abundant flowers, perfect for today’s Flower a Day. Most of mine were planted in the beds with my vegetables as they are such excellent deterrents of pests that attack our plants. They are even defined as good companion plants, enhancing the growth of basil, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, kale, potatoes and squash. I certainly got a good crop of potatoes, and broccoli, perhaps due to this influence. They are also supposed to deter beetles in melons. I guess that doesn’t apply to squash beetles as they annihilated my squashes last year, despite having plenty of marigolds nearby. Things get a bit confusing when it comes to companion plants because beans and cabbage are listed as bad ones for marigolds, despite marigolds being listed as good companions for cabbage…. Our own good companions are much easier to define, as they bring us happiness and love and enhance our better qualities. I treasure all of our friends who fill that role!

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  1. They could almost be called ‘suncatchers’ they radiate the sun’s rays so well. And no wonder, since they are members of the sunflower family. That means they have a reputation to live up to and there is no doubt this particular marigold is taking that responsibility very seriously. They could almost be called ‘guard plants’ too, in the sense that they are known to keep certain pesky insects away from your garden plants. For that reason alone, they are popular with gardeners. In addition to guarding gardens, they are thought to attract the souls of the dead, so they can often be found planted at gravesites in honour of those who have passed. A multifaceted, multipurposed bright little flower who is just happy to be. Thank you, Ellie, for this inspiration.

  2. It is beautiful Ellie. Lovely color caught by the sunshine and the pretty contrasting dots all over the petals. Nice flower to brighten up our rather snowy day at the time.

    1. Thanks Linda! Yes, I hoped the bright summer memory I got from this would spread to all of us still in the depths of winter (sort of).

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