The discovery of the Mallows as a species is one of the delights in my A Flower a Day project and this is a lovely one of them. It is almost as if this is wearing striped pyjamas, nestled in the dark leaves pulled around it. It was located very near yesterday’s find (the Wild Carrot) and, again, was a single flower, without any others like it nearby. Why are there these lone flowers that are so unusual, just growing there? I am just glad to have seen it and caught the photograph for sharing today. Enjoy your day, my friends!

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  1. Perhaps it’s a late bloomer…or a scout for its kind, or both…it’s seed having been dropped there by a bird or animal at some point during the summer. If it likes the location, and it looks like it does, there will be more next season maybe. To this delectable sweet bloom defiantly lifting its head to the sun, savouring every last moment, I say, carry on lighting up the dark corners. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. It could be either, good thought, Janet. It was photographed in mid September, so who knows? I look forward to looking for it next year. Thank you for the comment.

  2. Love it Ellie the shape the color the lines on the flower petals sort of just draw you in to notice the center which is beautiful as well . Thank you for another bright spot in my day hope you have a good one.

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