Madonna Lily

Madonna Lily
Madonna Lily

It’s Lily day again in our Flower a Day world. This beautiful frilly lily comes complete with a dusting of cayenne pepper (or is it paprika?) and a visitor that I quite like. (Zoom in on the gallery view to see the little fellow’s detail.) All of those colours (the pink, the orange, the reds) would clash horribly in a dress, but they just work in this beautiful design. Come to think of it, I would like to order this dress. Without the fly, please. And then, shall we go dancing? We should all dance, whether locked down in an apartment or out on a walk, doing the dishes, cleaning, or wherever you happen to be! Just put on the music (or use the music playing in your heads) and dance, as they say, as if no one is watching you. Because probably no one is! Happy dancing everyone!
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4 Responses

  1. This wonderful portrait of a lily reminded me of a poem I read not too long ago, entitled Lilies Whisper Poetry by Deborah Amar. Here are the last two verses:
    “The lilies whisper poetry that none shall ever know,
    For just as summer cannot last, the lilies cease to grow

    But beauty lives from that which dies, and leaves something to last
    For lilies whisper poetry for lilies of the past.”

    A fitting poetic tribute, I thought, to a fitting photographic tribute. Thank you, Deborah. Thank you Ellie.

    1. That is absolutely beautiful, thank you for sharing that, Janet. I don’t know that poet, so will have to search for her.
      I really appreciated the surprise poetic note, thanks again.

  2. That is great Ellie thank you very much. I do feel like getting up and dancing but I’m not sure Blair quite up to it yet. Love the colour love the design and even like the little fly thanks for sharing hope you have a great day.

    1. Thanks linda! I thought the little fly was pretty cute myself.

      I always dance alone, as in the past Steven was always the one playing the music so obviously he wasn’t dancing. Now I dance around the kitchen. Sometimes he catches me at it! so there’s no need to wait for Blair to feel better before starting your dancing. it might even make him feel better just seeing you doing it!

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