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  1. Well of course, you are right, it is emotional and sentimental. It reveals a side of a man's character which is so often hidden, which is a deeply romantic and sensitive one, with a terrific vulnerability. There are a few male songwriters who expose this character, who bare their souls like this and who can make a woman begin to understand the depth of feeling a man possesses in matters of the heart. Ron Sexsmith is one who does it even more.
    For that reason I would describe this as deeply romantic in a broad sense. +dovregubben78
    Wonderful story.

  2. Romantic?  I don't know if I'd use that word to describe it.  Sentimental, perhaps.  Listen again.

    I performed this song in concert with a small choir.  When our director selected it, I demanded the opportunity to audition for the solo sections, despite the fact that I am a bass, because it meant so much to me.  This song will forever remind me of the woman who broke my heart worse than anyone else.  Billy Joel was one of the favorite musicians we shared.  We saw him live twice.

    I got the solo.  It took a lot of rehearsal before I could get through it without choking up.

  3. +Pam Boling 😀

    I knew you would like it +Janet Patterson 

    I'm glad it suited your mood, Nimi and that you liked the We Two are One Too, thanks for the visit!  +Nimi Rajesh 

    +Karen Cooper – something else we have in common! Along with naughty husbands, it would appear.

    I would agree on the pity that he doesn't do any new work, such a shame, +Heiko Mahr – we have almost all his albums, and there is no shame in that! We have him on DVD too, and those are marvellous, too. 🙂

    You are welcome, +Jeunar Walter 

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