Love Me, Love My Dog

Love Me, Love My Dog - Ellie Kennard 2014
Love Me, Love My Dog – Ellie Kennard 2014

Original posting: #Noapologies – 22/365

No apologies for posting today’s photo. After a good round of playing with ball and toys (Joni’s) and of tearing around the kitchen (ditto), there is nothing as lovely as having a cuddle with your best playmate Steven who loves his puppy. They were lit from the snowy bright day outside the window beside them.

Joni in the new snow - Ellie Kennard 2014
Joni in the new snow – Ellie Kennard 2014
There's less snow under the trees - Ellie Kennard 2014
There’s less snow under the trees – Ellie Kennard 2014

Fun with Joni

I have to say that I had more fun than anyone has a right to expect before 7 am, this morning. First thing we galloped together around a field that was knee deep in snow, being blown by a keen wind at well below freezing temperatures and another sideways lashing of snow hitting us both full in the face.  After that, for amusement, Joni decided that the whole house would be her oyster (the world can wait) and set off in search of new things to chew and cats to play with. Once I had her tied on a long lead in the kitchen while I tried to get her breakfast and make tea, she discovered every possible combination of cats cradle known to (and not yet discovered by) man and that Rupert would probably chew his way through the lead, if she would just leave him alone long enough to do so. (The wooden gate that we had in place for her predecessor is now back in place, preventing access to the rest of the house until her Invisible Fence training is completed.) It’s all fun and games. Now, with a raging blizzard outside, she is sleeping peacefully and I wish I could join her. 😀

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  1. Beautiful. I love the smell of the coat of young pups, something fresh earthy and warm- unless like mine it hss rolled in wet seaweed! May you continue to enjoy this one's antics ( and mr. Mischievous eyes antics too- a gentle trouble maker there?)

  2. +Ursula Klepper – thanks so much. They are both pretty captivating, I agree. He does love her. It's hard to imagine how such a little thing can be so much a part of the family in such a short time. 

    +Michael Griffith – well, the 'fun' was a little tongue in cheek, though the time was not! When needs must…. and a calling puppy will galvanize you out of bed faster than many things. She is in her crate at night, so she has no choice but to call. And I have no choice but to go out with her when she does. I'm sure you remember from your own puppy.

    I'm not sure that one is going to happen, (the reciprocal pic I mean) +Janet Patterson as I am the one with the camera in my hand usually.  He does love her, you are so right. I'm glad the portrait caught that.

    Thanks so much +Shelly Gunderson – she is adorable, you are right.

    +Marleny Suazo  not so much alike, but certainly both have lovely eyes! Thanks.
    +Christina Lihani – that is so lovely to hear that I gave you a moment of laughter when you read that. She gives us lots, every day, so it's great to spread that about a bit. 🙂 Thanks.

    Thank you so much, that is a lovely thing to say,+Lindi Smith 

    Thanks a lot, +Sumit Sen 

    Oui, tout a fait +Rébecca Roblin 😀

    Thank you so much +Nicole S. 

    Thank you very much +Mari Luukkonen 

    +Heiko Mahr – your lovely comment made me feel all warm and happy. Thank you. I will hope to make it interesting, for sure. Not every day is full of new puppy excitement, but we can make the most of every day, and sometimes looking for the 'most' in every day will show us things we might not otherwise see.

    Thanks very much +Jean Eccles 

    They do, +Steve Bachman, thanks!

  3. +Heinrich Wagner and +Dogs GALLERY – I forgot to mention you in the posting as you are not in our Public Calendar where I found the themes. It would be so great to have your information in there for others to find. If you want to be included please fill in the info on the posting here: for entering new photo themes.
    or here for editing existing ones:

  4. What a outstanding image which speaks of so much love.
    Wow, what a wonderful yearbook this gonna be +Ellie Kennard 
    Your are a fantastic writer and photographers (those are the two talents I know) but I guess your fantastic in so many other things as well..

  5. Both, I think +Wanda Howe 🙂 Thanks.

    +Zsuzsi Tóth Ő, köszönöm szépen

    You're telling me +Elizabeth Lund LOL!

    Both have the prettiest eyes, +Joyce Fay – that was easy!

    +Tim Southernwood – oh yes, a Border Collie, through and through. So was our last, who died in October aged 13. We have loads of toys, lots of room to play and run on a big property completely enclosed in an  +Invisible Fence® Brand. She will not be bored, at least I hope not. I fear that she might be a bit small to go on snowshoe walks, at least this early on, though. All of her toys are her favourites at this point, even the piece of wood we got her. And Bitter Apple is our best friend. 🙂

  6. Looks to be a Border Collie breed or cross. If so.. they can be very active at this age! Lots of outside running and activities will help! (and plenty of appropriate chew toys! 😉

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