I think this is a garden loosestrife, but am not certain. So if someone knows it to be something else, please let me know. It reminds me of a white buddleia with its spray of tiny white flowers. Edit: I have since this post had a confirmation from a reader that this seems to be a gooseneck loosestrife. Thanks to John M.!

If you would like an autumn treat, please visit my post featuring our foliage and a rainbow – a sign of hope and a promise. I did not send out an email for this (one a day is quite enough) but it is on the site here for viewing: Autumn Leaves and Rainbow

These days of uncertainty often have small moments of beauty and pleasure and together they can add up to a day that is brighter than expected. I hope this is the case on your day. Happy Tuesday, my dear friends.

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  1. It reminds me of a cob of corn with the kernels replaced by these sweet delicate flowers. I see Autumn has started to eat into this cob and will have its fill before it’s done. Evokes a feeling of nostalgia which is not a bad start to a rainy day here in Ontario. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Janet! It’s true, there are few flowers left with much of their original brightness… Happily I have lots of photos waiting in the wings to remind us of the joys to come while we are in in the darker days of winter ahead.

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