If ‘two’s a company and three’s a crowd’ then what is this? They are certainly all crowding together, all on top of each other in little white blooms for today’s A Flower a Day posting. I am used to the hanging lobelia, my favourite being blue ones, but I haven’t seen those in years. This was a more upright plant in a garden in the city that I passed by a few weeks ago when we actually were able to go into the city! This crowd has certainly gone home until next year, so I’m glad I caught the memory to help carry me through until next time. It is wonderful to have so many friends as this project seems to have made for me. Thanks to one and all for the warm messages. I send mine back to you all in this happy photograph.

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  1. What’s this, you ask? And I say, an avalanche, a cascade, an outpouring, a flood, of Lobeila. Lobelia is one of my favourites. I always get the blue trailing to add to planters. The blue is a pretty complement to the white alyssum and together they carry on faithfully till late fall. Lobelia know there is strength and safety in numbers and when one flower gets tired and falls by the wayside, there are many others to pick up the slack. If you looks closely, you can see how lovely the individual flower is but Lobelia know that together they can make a stunning impact and so, putting egos aside, they march in a crowd, an outpouring of lobelia loveliness. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. It is indeed an avalanche or cascade! In this case it just sits there as the flowers are not the trailing sort. My favourites are the ones you describe so nicely, teamed with white alyssum. They make such a lovely pairing. You are right in your description, even the white is an “outpouring of loveliness”! Thanks Janet.

  2. They are lovely Ellie. Will be so nice when we can get together in a crowd like that. Thanks for the bright spot in our day

    1. Won’t that be the day, Linda!? I know, we all need those bright spots these day, so I’m glad if this was one for you. Thank you for the thought and comment.

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