Tango Passion Crossover

Lilium Candidum, Madonna Lily
Tango Passion Crossover

There! Got you! Just when you thought you could predict what I might be sharing next on A Flower a Day, here is another Lily on a Monday! I have it all prepared and waiting in the wings and I am thinking that there is no sense in making life difficult when there is a lovely image ready for today. A more knowledgeable reader than I has found the real name of this lily, which turns out to be an Asiatic, Tango Passion Crossover. (See the comment by Janet, below.) This is another flower from my friend James’ garden – I told you he had two green thumbs, didn’t I? The patterns and colour of this flower are so beautiful, I hope you find that it cheers your Monday or whatever day you see it on. Until tomorrow, my friends.

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6 Responses

  1. How lovely to be greeted by a lily on this Monday…and such a pretty lily at that (not that there are any ugly lilies). However, I do believe this is a ‘Tango Passion Crossover’ lily rather than a Madonna lily which are pure white (hence the label candidem) and are trumpeted in shape. The Tango lilies are one of the asiatic varieties which are known for their spatters of colour, which this particular one has in spectacular form. It looks like it has crossed paths with Jackson Pollock at some point who decided to put his mark on it…and did so very tastefully indeed. So beautiful and serene. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. I knew that you would find the information and name, Janet, thank you so much! I have amended the post title (though not the link) and the text, also directing readers to your comment here.
      Thanks again. I’m glad you like it. Jackson Pollock should be proud to have ever created something quite so beautiful (not that I am denigrating his work, far be it from me to do that)! 😀 another artist splashed those speckles.

    1. Thank you dear Françoise, it has been a challenge, this is for sure! I’m glad you like this one too. A star indeed, an exotic one!

  2. Thank you very much Ellie. It is a lovely flower. Looks like somebody’s taking some pink and just dusted it over the flower petals. It is very bright and cheery, thanks again for sharing

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