Late lavender
Late lavender

I didn’t start this Covid ‘A Flower a Day’ project until relatively late in the flower season and so I missed all of the spring and early summer ones. I will catch up with them in 2021! But I was saddened to think that with all of my lovely lavender, I hadn’t taken one to share. I went to the plants the other day and found this one stem that was full of buds. It was only one, but then, one was better than none, so I took the photograph.

Seeing this again is like a scent of a heady summer’s day. I hope it suffuses your day with the warmth of summer.

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  1. Ah, lavender. Who doesn’t love lavender…a balm to the senses of sight, smell and sometimes taste. The perfect flower for this Covid ‘flower-a-day’ collection (or any time, really). Never too late for lavender. Thank you.

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