Late Asters

Late Asters
Late Asters

Today’s Flower a Day is another memory from late autumn walks along the edge of the woodland. Just close your eyes and picture yourself on that path, with the late afternoon sun streaming through the trees beside you. It’s still warm enough on this lovely evening that you are comfortable in a light sweater or jacket. You are really relishing this feeling as you know it won’t be long before the days will turn cold and you will need to dress warmly. As you walk, you see these gorgeous aster seed heads under the trees beside you, looking so delicate and pretty, but also maybe a little prickly. The light has made them seem like golden strands with silver fur balls on the end. The trees in shadow behind them are perfect backdrop for their delicate beauty. Hold that thought. It might make the winter feel a little bit warmer today. I hope so. I send a warm hug to help.

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  1. It’s a storm of late asters today. A flurry of them, a frenetic gathering where the cry of the day is ‘hurry, hurry, don’t lag about, basking in the warm sun. Winter is on its way. Time to get ready’. But the cry goes unheeded. The pull of the warm sun is greater than the threat of a season yet to arrive. So enjoy the moment, the seasons will change on their own as prescribed. That is not a threat, but a promise. Thank you, Ellie, for a lesson for us all.

    1. A storm indeed. And how I wish they were still in that condition, instead of deep under the snow that has blanketed us! As you say, enjoy the moment. So I am now enjoying the results of the snow storm and just dreaming of what has been and what will be again. Thanks Janet.

  2. They are lovely Ellie. They do help us to think about much warmer times to what we’re having right now. Looking forward to the time when they are in blossom again. Sending along hugs to you as well..

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