Red and Yellow Lantana

My two lantana plants are safe from the cold in our front porch, so today’s offering for A Flower a Day is a summer memory. I remember that a friend in India assured me that she grew lantana there and I think my own brother in Nepal also photographed the same flower. This plant is therefore much travelled and even achieves the notoriety of a noxious weed in Australia. I just enjoy the beauty of the multi-coloured blooms on this as well as the red ones previously shared, as I hope my viewers do. I wish a lovely day to all my friends.

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  1. A happy little Lantana is basking in the sunlight, showing off its lovely colours and boasting of its ability to produce more than one colour of bud on the same plant. (Such talent!) I smile automatically and involuntarily upon seeing it. Such is its power. Never underestimate the sway of nature upon our moods but rather bask in it yourself, allowing it to carry you along and lift you up with no more effort than a glance. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. You are so right about the power of the natural world to lift our mood. In present circumstances this is sorely needed. The contents I read have a similar effect. Thank you so much.

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