Ladies' Home Journal 1917 – 73/365

It's wonderful, the things you can find buried in the walls of old houses. This copy of the Ladies' Home Journal is dated 1917. Although much of it has been chewed by mice (or maybe squirrels) there are some pages that are more or less intact. The colour and print is clear and bright, which is amazing for a magazine printed on newsprint quality paper, which is almost 100 years old. It will be great to take the pages that are almost intact and frame them. What a history these old relics hold. The times these houses have seen. If only they could talk. And I guess they do, in their own way.

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

#blastfromthepast +Blast From The Past by +Cheryl Cooper +Mark Rodriguez +Isabelle Fortin

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  1. Sounds like you folks are remodeling…we did one that was supposed to last 4 months but dragged on for 18 (Not that we're quite 'finished' yet!).

    We found grade school class pictures, a fake ID, and a Bakelite rattle in our walls.

  2. +Dale Atkinson – oh yes, these renovations can turn up a lot of interesting artifacts. There were articles of clothing stuffed in the walls as well, but not so interesting to photograph as the pages of the magazine. 

    Thanks +Tom Crews 

    +Nina Anthonijsz 🙂

    It was, +Darcee McCutcheon 

    +Peter b 🙂 I think so too.

    It's important to try to store these in the best possible conditions, +Elizabeth Hahn – but, as you can see, they seem to survive really quite destructive environments fairly well, all things considering.

    Thanks +Jacqueline Hodsdon 

    It was pretty amazing, I agree +Ursula Klepper 

    Rummaging through old stuff is fun, for sure. Rummaging through old walls is not something we tend to do very often (at least not by choice!) +Sumit Sen 

    I wondered exactly the same thing, +Heiko Mahr 

    Isn't it, +Blast From The Past? Thanks for commenting.

  3. Wow…. what a cool find. When my sister did and update on her 100 plus year home she found an metal  hoop for a skirt and a man's pair of work boots in the attic space. Walls where packed with mud and sticks.. love to see all this wonderful finds.. happy hunting:)))

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