Kwanzan Cherry

Kwanzan Cherry Blossoms
Kwanzan cherry blossoms

A visit to a friend’s garden to photograph her wonderful flowers will guarantee that a stiff and gusty wind will spring up. Maybe it’s my portable wind machine with the Helios lens that guarantees it. For some flowers this doesn’t matter – if they are no higher than 1″ above the ground, for example. If it’s a cluster of blossoms on a tree, I might as well give up. Only, as you can see here, I refused to give up as these were so exquisite. I caught the wind unawares, quickly clicked the shutter and got this for us all today. This is like a frilly pink petticoat, it is so delicate and beautiful. Thank you J for sharing your gorgeous blossoms. I hope your weather is kind to you today and any breezes are light and cooling. A Flower a Day #283  (NB while I make every effort to identify the flowers I post, I make no guarantee that the name is correct. It’s about the photograph, not the name.:-) ) 

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  1. What a difference from yesterday’s elegant simplicity. Today’s flower is sumptuous froufrou, a Karl Lagerfeld to yesterday’s Coco Chanel. At the same time, it soft and delicate, like a classical ballerina’s tutu…so beautiful but late to the ball. Cherry blossoms belong to May, so it also butts convention, my kind of a woman. Thank you, Ellie, for today’s frilly treat.

    1. Excellent comparison, Janet, I love it! It’s not actually she who’s late to the ball, but I. This was taken in May, but I have a huge backlog of flower photos and so I just pick whatever suits me, with no regard to the season. That’s part of the fun. You might yet see a snowdrop or crocus among the summer or fall photos. What a terrific freedom I allow myself. Thanks again for the lovely comment on my froufrou lady.

  2. They are lovely Ellie delicate frilly and such a pretty color two shades of pink intertwined with each other. Thanks again for sharing.

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