Japanese knotweed
Japanese knotweed

Today’s Flower a Day (or rather today’s riot of tiny flowers) is the infamous Japanese Knotweed. I know it as an invasive species and have even watched it grow what could well be a foot a day, along a walk we take. As it grows it takes over the footpath and at times as I struggle to get past it I have purposely broken whole stems off it, knowing it will not be affected in the least. This particular one, however, was carefully nurtured by a friend who could not get it to grow at all for years. This year it grew for her into an orderly bush, not at all as vigorous as the one I described. So as it was so well mannered I decided this was the one to feature. A wild thing tamed is a little easier to photograph. Enjoy a little bit of wildness today, my friends!

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  1. A tangle of knotty knotweed, it is a plant aptly named. Now, you say that this particular specimen has been tamed by a friend but I say it looks very naughty indeed, running off in all directions, rudely crossing in front of colleague branches and generally having a riotous good time, no discipline here or well groomed patterns to its growth. Instead, I see a happy plant, living life in carefree abandon, with reckless disregard for the wishes of its cultivator and setting forth under its own steam and terms. Keeping it tame will take on a life of its own, I predict. I do, however, in addition to its attitude, particular like the little red dots it has chosen to adorn its sprigs with. They’re a nice complement to the white of the flower and highlights its knotty, naughty character. Thank you, Ellie, for this bit of whimsy today

    1. Janet I’m so delighted that you liked my wild child post today! Unruly and undisciplined it truly is. But in its wild abandon it is a beauty, for sure. Thanks again, my dear friend.

  2. Good morning Ellie thanks for another beautiful cluster of flowers this morning. Even though it’s invasive and called a weed it’s still looks amazing.

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