Kingsport Beach at Evening – One Man and His Dog

We have spent a lot of evenings walking on Kingsport beach, which is a not far from us. Joni loves the freedom, loves the games of ball thrown all the way down the shore and into the water.  These two look so alone against this Eastern sky at the blue hour.

I am taking photographs of +Steven Kennard in his leisure time, for a slideshow being prepared of him by a Canadian magazine. This is one I took for that project. 

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  1. Oh 10 minutes to drive only, that's great! (I'm jeleaous) so people don't swim in that water? Or is it too cold? I am glad to hear that Joni is so well socialized, that makes everything easier. Our Mira is much more interested on people we met than on the dogs. She is a little antsy with some dogs and servil.

  2. It is about a 10 minute drive or less. Not far at all, +Ursula Klepper – There are usually a few people walking their dogs and they have a lot of fun playing together in the water and on the sand (the dogs, that is 😀 ). All the dogs we have met so far are very sociable and friendly, so it's good training for Joni to be able to interact with other dogs. And people. She usually ignores the people and just focuses on the ball.  I was glad to see on Monday night when we met up with a small child that she was friendly but didn't jump up on him or get too enthusiastic. She was quite calm around him. Thanks for your comment, Ursula.

  3. I do too +Ellie Kennard! I'm fairly well at the moment thank you but since my desk was moved at work I no longer get any lifts so, relying on buses, means I'm usually too late home to write much TAULG stuff – apart from the 1914 saga on Saturdays of course.
    I hope you are well too! :-))

  4. +Photo Mania Canada +Giselle Savoie and +Mark HELM 
    Thanks so much for your comment, your reshare and adding me to the circle. Your support is much appreciated.

    Thank you for your thoughtful comment and observations, +Robt. J. Moore II – I'm glad you like it.

    +David D and +HQSP Landscape thank you very much. And thank you also for the reshare. It's always a pleasure to share with your theme.

    Thanks so much +Karen Cooper – I'm glad that the photograph conveyed the mood of the evening. We commented on that very feeling during the walk.

    Thanks +Gopal Satyamurty 

  5. +Ruval Ruv – thank you Ruval.

    Thank you so much +Jasbir S. Randhawa my friend.

    Oh +Hugo Burnham that is a lovely thing to say. Thanks a lot Hugo. I miss our community interaction. Hope you are well.

    I can just imagine! thank you so much +Lynn David Newton my bro.

    +Shelly Gunderson – 😀 Thanks a lot Shelly I love it when people like you and Lynn make it full screen to look at it. It's how it was meant to be seen.

    +Rodrigo Pereira Muito obrigado, Rodrigo.

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