Joyful Lantana

Joyful Lantana

This red and yellow Lantana, seen in a closer view than previously in our Flower a Day seems to really radiate happiness. And believe it or not, this plant I carefully dug up from the garden is flowering again, in my front porch. And that brings me such delight to see it. I guess that means that I am doing something right. I hope the pretty little florettes bring you all a measure of joy to your day, my friends.
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  1. Some one in your household may have a ‘violet’ thumb but someone else has a ‘red and yellow’ thumb. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and I’d say raising Lantanas joyfully and photographing their joy is one of your strengths. I’d like to know how the Lantana does it – have flowers of two completetly different colours on the same plant withouth mixing them to various shades of orange? What other plant does that? So, that is the Lantana’s strength and it does it effortlessly and in the doing effortlessly brings joy to the viewer. Thank you to you both, Ellie and Lantana

    1. Oh, now I have my chest all puffed out with pride, Janet! (Nothing much else to puff it out, LOL!). Thanks for those kind words. I also loved the fact that they have the 2 colours on 1 plant. Very clever. If you aren’t fond of yellow, then have the red! A bouquet all by itself. Thanks again!

  2. Amazing bright colour Ellie. It is a joy to behold. but what amazes me the most is that there’s two different colours of flowers on that same plant. Thank you very much for sharing.

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