Joni Loves a Good Blizzard – 76/365

We've had all the wintry weather we want for this year. But Joni hasn't. There is nothing she loves quite as much as a good blizzard. I sent her out the other day, waited patiently by the window, looking out to see when she wanted to come back in. But she didn't. She absolutely loved the cold, adored the snow and raced around with great abandon. What she is going to do when it stops snowing or sleeting or freezing raining? I am sure she thinks she is a husky living at the North Pole. She has only ever known the winter. Fortunately for her there is no sign of spring in sight.

Joni is now 4 months old. The blue ball game is still the favourite and it is getting more and more refined every day as she teaches us the tricks she wants us to do with it and the rules of the game. We are learning.

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  1. Cute little one!! This is such a wonderful image of Joni enjoying the blizzard! And I love your storry telling! Tell Joni I will soon post an image with Mira and her blue ball! :o)

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