Joni is 18 months Old and Her Collection is a Google+ Featured One!

Young black and white border collie dog is in a field of white flowers.

I have been so busy posting images of unrecognisable (or barely) subjects on my blur mentorship that I thought it was time I shared another image of Joni, who is now almost grown out of the puppy stage. Here she was waiting by the front of the house, nicely backlit next to the rhododendrons that are about to flower. She is always ready for any game, in spite of being so grown up.

See the whole album here: Joni, the Border Collie

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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  1. +David D – thank you. I didn't get an official notification, just one from the google+ staff member who commented on a post.
    Go to the collections place on the left menu, then the tab at the top says 'featured' on the left. If yours doesn't appear there, keep refreshing, as it changes constantly to show all the featured ones.

  2. Very nice! I got a notification that said one of my collections was a G+ Featured Collection but I can't seem to find them! Where are they??

  3. Lovely photo of Joni – always the star of the show, so it seems appropriate she's now getting her own 'show' :0) It's lovely your wonderful photos of your gorgeous pup are reaching a wider audience.

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