Joni Has a Job-She's a Carrier Dog!


At last! The big day has arrived! Joni has her first job.

Joni comes from working stock and there is nothing that gives her more pleasure than having a job to do…. especially if that job can include chasing her blue ball in her work breaks. This was her second walk as a carrier dog and she carried her blue ball in her saddle bags (along with about 2 pounds of additional weight) on her walk. She gets more exercise this way as the weight tires her out (or it's supposed to, anyway!). She doesn't seem to mind wearing the harness with the pack and still manages to fly over the snow after her blue ball. We thought you would like to see Joni in her new job. (Don't tell her, but the bags don't really contain anything that needs delivering, just some rice and lentils, or water. I don't want to spoil it for her.)

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  1. +Elaine Sivrais thanks!

    Thanks a lot, +Christina Lihani – it's so easy to be a good pet owner when we have such wonderful pets. 😀

    Well we are in Canada, +Ursula Klepper so we should have snow! 🙂 But don't be too jealous. You don't have to work for hours to remove it from your drive so you can actually get your car out! (I don't either, of course, but Steven does….) And it is Joni's favourite weather. I think most dogs love the snow. Today she was carrying 3 pounds of flour (about 1.5 kg maybe?) to take to starving people (I told her). We didn't find any on the snowy fields, so we brought it back home. LOL. Glad you like the picture and the story.

    Thanks very much +Alex Lapidus

    Now you're talking +Leslie Sutton – that is the next job we should get her on. 😀 Thanks.

    She was and still is +Giselle Savoie thanks for the comment.

    Thank you +Ruval Ruv

    She seems to enjoy it, that's for sure, +Heiko Mahr

    It is indeed, thanks +Karen Cooper thanks for dropping by, Karen!

  2. I had a smile on my face while reading and especially while looking at Joni. This is a great image, you've captured the moment fantastic. She is such a clever dog! :o) …. You have snow! I am so jealous!

  3. +Ellie Kennard Oh, that's pretty neat, the term you made up for it and very creative. I should try that sometime with my boy ace (hes also a border collie) But I don't think hes leash broke enough to be calm enough to cary anything. I got to get him to heal and not go after small furry things or other animals and dogs in general. Hope you have more fun and hope Joni can carry your lens. Thanks for telling me too. Much obliged.

  4. +Dream Fall​​ well, actually I made the term up, a bit like a carrier pigeon, which I'm sure you've heard of. So the idea would be that she carries things that I might need. So she carries water in bottles and can drink that if she gets thirsty in hot weather. And maybe some treats as well as maybe a lens or two for me? Haven't tried that, so we'll see.
    The main thing was that she feels that she has a job.
    Thanks for asking. Maybe others were wondering too.

  5. Joni looks cute. I have a question if its alright to ask, what is a carrier dog exactly? I tried looking it up but all that showed was toy breed dog in purses, not what I was looking for. Could you pass some info to someone that's wanting to learn? 🙂

  6. Great read. Unfortunately the latest gplus bug is preventing many images from opening. Not even thumbnails. Will try and check Joni out tomorrow. 🙂

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