Johnny Jump-Ups

Johnny Jump-Ups
Johnny Jump-ups, Violas

Today’s Flower a Day had to be cheeky ones because… Just because I felt like it. And what can be cheekier than Johnny Jump-Ups? The name itself did the job for me today! Also known rather sedately as Viola (and previously featured on this project as a single flower by that name) this lovely little grouping of dark faces with their bright centres can only serve to cheer us all up! As the power is about to go out from a snowstorm I am rushing to finish this post and get it out to you, my friends. With it comes my wish for a day with some fun and joy in it for you all. To view the info and gallery…

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  1. The Viola Tricolour, or wild pansy, is the precursor to our cultivated pansies. With an array of aliases longer than your arm: heart’s ease, johnny-jump-up-and-kiss-me, heart’s delight, tickle-my-fancy, come-and-cuddle-me, three-faces-in-a-hood, love-in-idleness and others – he’s a bit of a ladies’ man and a con artist it would seem. No wonder he is on the garden constabulary’s ‘most wanted’ list. With a face like that and a call to action that some of us in our pandemic sloth should heed, how can one resist? Don’t, I say. Give in to his sweet nature and enjoy his perky presence to the hilt. I’ve already succumbed. Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Amazing! This is like a mini botanical university course, with the amount of information coming through your comments, Janet! Thanks for that information and also for the analysis of this personality, and the permission to give in to the seduction of this lothario of the plant world! Have a great day, Janet!

    2. Gees that description by Janet even got me excited about these little beauties … Love the colour and know nothing else so wow ! Now if Ellie posts a photo of the snow storm I’d be a happy camper too …

      1. Okay, Len, you’ll get your wish for snow photos. Just have a little patience! 😉
        I’m sure Janet will be happy to know that you appreciated her comment as much as I did!
        Thanks Len.

  2. Good morning. Thanks for the lovely little pick me up. Wouldn’t they be beautiful poking through this blanket of snow? What a splash of color that would be! Hope you have a great day, sending long hugs.

    1. What an amazing thought! That brilliant colour through that blanket of white! Yes indeed. But I don’t see it happening – at least not at the moment! 😀
      Thanks for the hug and comment, as always, Linda.

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