Japonica Blossoms

We have had miserable, cold and rainy weather here for the past few days, including temperatures that went down to freezing. On Saturday, however, we did have a break in the clouds and a little sun came out lighting these delightful japonica blossoms. We have one bush with deep red flowers, but this pink one is almost hidden near the end of the drive, under an evergreen and often goes unnoticed. Just looking at the warm colour of this soft pink made me feel a bit more cheery. I hope it does the same for you. This posting was made yesterday but, although the photograph appeared, the text did not. So I am reposting in hopes that it was a temporary glitch.

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  1. Thanks so much +Elizabeth Lund – they do have that effect!

    Your hope came true, +Shelly Gunderson – we have had a few days of sun. That's probably why I am behind on my commenting. 😀

    Thank you +Krystina Isabella Brion – and I wish the same for you.

    Isn't it, +Ursula Klepper – I try to hold on to everything, it goes so quickly.

    Thank you Heiko +Heiko Mahr 

    So do I Gina. Thank you very much +Gina Beck 

    Thank you +abdo madini – not a rose, but it looks like a small wild rose flower, I guess.

    It's all better, we have warmth and sun, +Christina Lihani – and thank you. 

  2. I have these but the red kind, could not remember what it was called though.  The pink is quite lovely!  We could use some of that rain.  I will hope sunshine for you!

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