Japanese Spirea

Japanese Spiraea
Japanese Spiraea

Right outside my kitchen door these bushes display their lovely pink/red flowers and delight the bees and me alike. They almost seem to sparkle, with their tiny stamens poking up. At one time they were flanked by a white spirea hedge and the display was lovely. Unfortunately the hedge had to go (can’t remember why…) and now just the two Japanese spirea bushes, one next to the peony and one by the house remain. Such small flower bunches give so much pleasure. I’m glad to share mine with you all today as I wish you large and small pleasures for the day ahead. Happy Sunday, friends. A Flower a Day #330

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  1. Soft and sparkly explosions of excitement, just happy to be alive – this is what they make me feel when I look at this photo. Thank you, Ellie, for this display of vitality.

  2. Good morning Ellie lovely photo. Amazing colors in the flowers. Delicate small little petals. Thanks again for sharing hope you have a great day.

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