It Was a Perfect Day for a Snowshoe Walk

Steven on a snowshoe walk – 2013

It was sunny, not too cold at about -4 C or so, and the sun was low in the sky as it was soon to set. We put on our snowshoes and started off through the woods on the nature trail that leads behind our house and follows the path of the tiny stream at the bottom of the field. I wanted a photo of Steven in his ‘anniversary’ snowshoes, so here he is. (I might as well just rename this album “Steven” as it seems my ‘portraits’ are all pictures of him!
I only fell over once. It was entirely my own fault as I almost forgot I was not just in boots and tripped over the snowshoes.

Joni and Steven on a winter ‘walk’ or ‘run’ (for Joni).

Joni loves winter walks in the snow (she turns them into winter runs). If we have our snowshoes on it’s so great to be able to go across the fields without worrying about crop damage.

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  1. 😀 +Ursula Klepper – I fell over myself, when turning around to speak to him, because it was so comfortable in the snowshoes that I forgot that I had them on. You can`t turn around in quite the same way, so I fell over. Of course the snow is soft to fall into. He probably has snow on his glove because he picked me up. LOL. If he had thrown snowballs at me with my camera in my hand, I would not have been happy. I could not have thrown any back!

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