Interstella Lily of the Valley shrub
Interstella Lily of the Valley shrub

Aren’t garden centres wonderful places? They show us what our plants should look like when they are being expertly cared for, in ideal conditions and at their peak. We bring them home to our conditions which are far from ideal, look after them as best we can and see them through the whole of their life cycles. Probably at least for some of us and at least some of the time, these fulfil our expectations. They grow as expected (neither too much nor too little) bloom with glorious colour and without too many pests and then gracefully pass into their winter state to begin the whole thing all over again with renewed vigour the next Spring. But for me, I appreciate most of them as they are in the garden centre, leaving them to be planted in someone else’s garden. I know I can’t fail them when the only thing I have taken is a photograph. Like this beautiful Pieris Interstella Lily of the Valley shrub – Japonica – for Flower a Day today. This beautiful bundle of tiny pink and white flowers will never fade, never break in a storm, never dry out and need watering, feeding or weeding. So I hope you all enjoy this gift of perfect flowers for you all today, my friends. And if you fancy your chances with the real thing in your garden, the full name is there and maybe you can find one in your own local garden centre! Until tomorrow, friends.

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  1. Wow, I think I need at least one of these plants. Imagine a bush that likes shade, blooms for months with these splendiferous little lanterns that look like strawberries dipped in icing sugar and like their name sake, they fill the air with a heavenly fragrance…and you have the Interstella. Can’t get much closer to perfection than that, I don’t think. Thank you, Ellie, for bringing us a little bit of heaven today.

    1. Well then I think you should get at least one of them, Janet! And knowing how beautifully the plants in your garden grow, I am sure it will thrive for you! I’m glad you like this happy plant. Thank you.


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