His Plate Had so Much on it, He Had to Stop and Rest Part Way Through the Meal

Too full, need to rest - Ellie Kennard 2015
Too full, need to rest – Ellie Kennard 2015

Did this bug eat all those petals? Or was it just a landing place for him to rest? In the middle of a garden of daisies that I was photographing in various ways, including blurs, I found this poor tattered flower with the bug resting in the middle. What a voracious appetite that little creature must have had to have consumed all those petals (if indeed he did)!

I suppose the lesson here (if there is one) is that we all bite off more than we can chew at times, but as long as we pace ourselves, resting when we can, we can usually finish the task, eventually.


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  1. +Karen Cooper thanks, I'm glad you liked it, Karen. It isn't a sunflower at all, at least I don't think so. I think it's a type of daisy, but I can't be sure. It was taken at Stuart's house (the man featured in my post about sound). His wife didn't say what it was (not sure she knew) though she was fascinated at how long I spent taking photographs of a small patch of them. "You are really enjoying taking pictures of those flowers, aren't you?" was her comment. 😀

  2. Oh…they look like some of my flowers in my garden and I'm trying to find out what is eating them, tonight I'm taking my torch outside, could this be the culprit? ;-)) lovely photo and story Ellie!


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