In a Blaze of Glory


Today I thought we could bravely face head on the blaze of colour in this sunset. This photo was taken from exactly the same spot as my photograph shared yesterday but that one was facing the gentler eastern sky. It is often the more striking and dramatic that instantly attracts our attention, while the soft and kind sits quietly just behind us. This more muted one is found in this post: .

I hope that your day passes in a blaze of fun and excitement with moments of moving and warm gentleness for comfort.

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As it is #sunsetsaturday by +Dennis Hoffbuhr

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  1. Thanks so much, belatedly, +Shelly Gunderson

    +Bill Millier thank you Bill.

    +Nikesh Sawner thanks!

    I'm glad you like it +ajay singh

    My pleasure +Dennis Hoffbuhr

    Thanks so much +Mari Luukkonen – amazing the difference when we just turn around, isn't it?

    +Hugo Burnham – thanks a lot my friend! Chapter 22 when it comes will be just the right thing, however it did or didn't help your day/week pass. 😀

    Thank you very much +Linda Villers

    +Sunny Wu thank you very much.

    Thanks my dear friend +Carol Ayala – we love our skies, don't we?

    +Ian Campbell-Harris – Thanks a lot Ian. Hope you are well. Nice to see you.

    Merci beaucoup +Marie-helene De Cevres

    +alexis s the world is certainly a beautiful place, thanks!

    Merci beaucoup Paul, et bonne soirée mon ami +Paul Paradis

    Thanks a lot +Lisa Van Dyke

    Many thanks, merci beaucoup, +Ruval Ruv

  2. Stunning colours, sublime sunset and a brilliant capture Ellie. That little dash of dark-blue clear sky really adds something as well.
    I just wish I found writing Chapter 22 provided my; "day passes in a blaze of fun and excitement with moments of moving and warm gentleness for comfort." 🙂

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