"I Think I'm Going to be Sick" – 56/365

Today was the day that Joni got her next set of vaccines, so she had to travel in the car to the vet's, a thirty minute drive on twisty, bumpy country roads. You could tell she was feeling a little queasy from carsickness during the trip there, as she started to look like this… We made it to the vet's without incident, at least. She was relaxed and calm at the appointment, a real model pup. However the journey home was the undoing of her and she threw up. Fortunately I was prepared for it. Once again, I took lots of other photographs today, but this one was the one that I think topped the lot for cuteness factor. We can all do with some awwww every day.

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  1. I'm so sorry I'm so late at getting back to thank everyone!

    Oh yes, she felt much better as soon as she was sick, LOL +Swee Oh 🙂

    She is, +Thomas Henry – thanks!

    Motion Sickness +Tai Mi – same as children can get. 

    Done, thanks +Rachel Ferris and she would give you her special look if you were here!

    Thanks a lot Sumit! +Sumit Sen 

    🙂 +Louise Beauregard 

    That is a lovely thing to say, +Mari Luukkonen kiitos!

    +שלמה ארגוב

    +Jacqueline Hodsdon oh yes, it was a classic.

    That is so funny, +Karen Cooper  – I'm sure you do, I'll ask Keith!

    Thanks so much +Robert SKREINER and also to +DOG LOVERS Worldwide for resharing this image, thanks +Roswitha Böhmer

    Don't they +Robert Brandt 

    The essential role of kitchen paper ever at the ready, +Janet Patterson – we know the signs… 🙂

    +Gisela Heeg she is on top form again, thank you very much.

    It gets pretty intense, +Doug Welch – I love it! Thanks.

  2. +Ursula Klepper – the great thing with dogs is that they don't know it, about how they look. They just know they are loved. I'm glad you like the photograph (and are not yet bored by photos of someone else's puppy). 🙂

    Thanks so much +Jillian Chilson – we weren't going to get another dog, but the house was just too empty and sad without her. So it just kind of happened.

    +Shelly Gunderson Thanks 😀 Glad it worked for you.

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