Hydrangea Paniculata

Hydrangea Paniculata
Hydrangea Paniculata

We are back in our garden in the summer for today’s Flower a Day. Back in the warm days of dew drops on the flower petals and pale pink light floaty flowers like little butterflies on our hydrangea bush. Although there are plenty of more dramatic flowers, these are some of my favourites as I really prefer the understated and simple. I hope you all have a day with such light and beauty in it somewhere.
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  1. Who doesn’t love a hydrangea? I have some of these at the front of my house. Just two years young, they are still getting established. However, they hold much promise, like these tight buds giving way to the simple four-leafed flower. Together, in clusters, they form full luscious shapes that gradually turn pink as the summer progresses. This photo shows that promise of pink that, like a reward, is offered up, towards the end of the growing season, to the viewer who has gone the distance. As the fall fades, these clusters will turn to brown to provide interest and contrast against the snow to see us through the winter. Truly a plant for all seasons! Thank you, Ellie.

    1. Again I can only after with you, Janet! In fact my kitchen is filled with the dried bunches of flowers of different colors (occasionally one of the flowers is knocked onto the floor in passing, which is par for the course). They are superb winter decoration.
      Thanks again, Janet.

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