Hoary Alysum

Hoary Allysum
A Flower a Day – Hoary Alysum

Here is a pretty bridal bouquet-like flower, a white posy on each stem, to brighten your Monday. This is one of the last flowers that was still brightening the verge on a road near us. These flowers are named ‘hoary allysum’ which does sound a little frosty, so let’s enjoy the moment of these flowers before more of the real hoarfrost comes!

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  1. Alyssum, the bravest and spunkiest of flowers! I’m not sure if this is the same genus of Alyssum that I have in my garden which grows densely and gives off the most delightful fragrance. I have both white and purple varieties. While just about all the other plants have given up with the frost, the Alyssum continues to soldier on providing both colour and olfactory delight. They always make me smile, as this one did this morning. Thank you.

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