Hieracium Seedhead

Hieracium Seedhead
Hieracium, Hawkweed seedhead

Today’s Flower a Day offering was a little challenging to come up with after my anniversary photograph of yesterday, which was one of my absolute favourites. I think this Hieracium seedhead is a good compromise being the next stage of the hawkweed (hieracium) flower shared earlier this week, so a natural progression of sorts. These little puffs of seeds are so lovely and airy, photographed across the road very near to where that flower photograph was taken. I hope this brings a lightness to your day, my friends. I also want to thank all of my friends for their kind wishes on our anniversary. We both appreciated it very much.

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  1. Aging gracefully…no, even better – just as beautiful in decline as in its prime. The bold lines of youth are replaced with softness and delicateness, the brash colours with subtle hues. Yet the spirit shines through, head held high, back straight as it looks you straight in the eye and says, “I’m not done yet!”. A lesson for us all. Thank you, Ellie.

  2. Thank you very much Ellie. The lovely Little flower. Looks like a little Starburst and a closer look it looks like a jewel in the center. It does brighten one’s day thank you.

    1. Thanks Linda. Yes, the detail when we look closely really highlights the beauty of these simple flowers and seed heads. I’m glad you’re enjoying them.

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