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Heidi is 13. She is blind. She is a dog who is loved and protected by her family and so the welcome she gives visitors is warm and loving. Though she cannot see, she knows her way around her property and comes as close as she can to 'inspect' guests with nose and ears and to wag her tail in appreciation for the pats and cuddles she receives. We drove up to her house the other day, when it was almost nightfall and I was worried that there might not be enough light to get a photograph of her. She stood still, without moving and 'looked' at me, as though to make sure that I got her portrait.

Puppies are wonderful with their clear, bright eyes, their shiny coats and bouncy, agile, slender bodies. But an old dog, who has given a lifetime of love and companionship, who has always been there, no matter what, is an even greater thing of beauty. Yes, I could have darkened Heidi's eyes so that you didn't see that she was blind. I decided to leave them as they are, true to Heidi, as they seemed to me to be like an opalescent light into her kind and gentle soul. 

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  1. +Ellie Kennard its just so qonderful to see a dog like her it is an honor to see a dog with such grace,beauty and happyness and her eyes there so unique she may look like a blind dog but i can tell that she was a gift from god GOD BLESS YOU HEIDI!!!

  2. Thank you +Shelly Gunderson – I appreciate that.

    +Tai Mi – what a beautiful story! I will definitely give Heidi a hug for you next time I see her. Thank you for telling the story of your sister's wonderful dog!

    She is a really dear dog, +Christina Lihani – and I am so glad you like my words, my friend. 

    +maka albarn that was a lovely thing to say. No guardian angel, but a very dear sweet dog, you are so right! Beauty and grace. Lovely things to say. Thank you.

    +C Staton – thank you very much!


  4. Wow such beautiful words and yet the o ly thing more beautiful is heidi and how you described her its an honor to just look at her and her eyes look like a gateway to heven,i can tell from the moment i saw the picture i knew that heidi is a gardian angel in descuise and what makes her so special are her EYES its as if the soul from an angel gleems in her kind eyes, such beauty and grace GOD BLESS YOU HEIDI.

  5. beautiful dog!!
    it'd be amazing if humans adapted as well as our furry friends to things such as this.

    my sister owned a dog who was born with no eyes. her favourite games were fetch and hiding her toys on us. she knew to look over, under and in things. she used sound to pin-point (with great accuracy) where her toy landed and we usually had to ask her to show us where she hid things b/c we couldn't find them!! amazing little girl.

    give heidi a hug from me. she looks like a total sweetie.

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