Hawaii Dahlia

Hawaii Dahlia
Hawaii Dahlia

I am sharing a piece of Hawaii with you all for today’s Flower a Day! I know it’s only a Dahlia, not an actual trip to Hawaii (which I imagine most of us wish we could take right now) but the sun is in there in the light and that rich colour, you can almost feel it! The petals may have been chewed – have been chewed – but the beauty of this flower is not in the least diminished. In fact at first I thought it was part of the design and was rather admiring the ragged edges. So for those of us feeling a little ragged and in need of some warmth from the sun, I hope this bright flower helps just a little bit! Happy Thursday to all.

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  1. It’s dahlicious, dahling…a feast for weary eyes, and a dark outlook. Dahlias, in general, are stunning. This one is no exception, like a mini fireworks in your lap. Makes one want to turn cartwheels and throw a party…oh yeah, we can’t. But the hope is there and this is a visual reminder. Thank you, Ellie. Have a dahlightful day.

  2. Thanks very much Ellie it is lovely. And when you zoom in the sun seems to become even brighter. Very nice for a bright sunny day that we have today. Now we have two sunshines love the colour as well. Thank you very much for sharing

    1. I know how you love dahlias so I thought (hoped) you would like this photograph. Thanks so much Linda! We do indeed have 2 suns today. The heat is all inside though.

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