After the Harvest - Ellie Kennard 2012
After the Harvest – Ellie Kennard 2012

Almost exactly 6 years ago today, as part of my 2012 project, I photographed a favourite scene, with bare fields and that lovely old barn in front of the misty valley behind.

Today it is most definitely not 19 degrees, as with the windchill factor it will feel closer to -18!

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November 13, 2012 – 318/366 – After the Harvest

I photographed this farm from the other side, in the Spring (see below), showing rolling fields in front of it, and an eagle perched in the branches of the tree we see here on the far right. This time I was driving past on the other side and there was a lovely haze behind the scene, leading down to the dykelands beyond. The harvested stubble in the front had a lovely almost spiky, shiny quality setting off the slightly dreamy, misty landscape behind.

It was 19 degrees today, which probably accounted for the haze and mist in the Valley. It won’t be this warm for long, that is certain.

This is image #318 for my participation in the Creative 366 project on Google+

The Farm, with Bald Eagle - Ellie Kennard 2012
The Farm, with Bald Eagle – Ellie Kennard 2012

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March 20, 2012 – 80/366 – The Farm, with Bald Eagle

I have been looking at this scene every time I drive back from our shopping centre town, knowing that I wanted to capture it. Today there was such a lovely bank of low clouds over the “North Mountain”, framing the trees nicely that I had to stop and photograph it. It was only when I got it into the computer that I spotted the bald eagle in the tree by the farm house. This scene is so representative of the Annapolis Valley, so very Nova Scotia.

Image #80 for my participation in the Creative 366 project on Google+

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  1. Nice, Ellie! It looks like winter is coming, but from your comments, I’m guessing winter is already there. Stay warm 😀

    1. Hi Sharon, thanks a lot!
      Yes, winter seems to have arrived. Every year we seem to think it’s early, but I have a feeling it’s just that it always arrive earlier than we want… I suspect that if it arrived at the end of January we might feel it was still too early! 😀
      Cheers, you stay warm too!

  2. Good Morning Ellie.
    I love to take photos of old barns. Some are beautifully maintained, others left to self destruct.

    We just got a dump of snow, but it is only going to -8 today, and warming up again tomorrow. We are staying put today. No black Friday sales for me unless I go on the internet. Stay warm!

    1. Hello Trudy!
      Yes, winter seems to be arriving all in a flurry! Actually it has warmed up to just below freezing today, so I hope it will maybe hold off the bitterest weather for a little while. Yes, don’t worry, the wood stove is keeping us warm and cozy! You stay warm, too!

  3. I bet this old barn was the pride of its owner at one time.The old barns were a work of art with the rounded roofs etc.

    1. They were so special and really beautify our countryside. I hope someone keeps some of them in repair or their loss will be so sad for us all. Thanks Blair.

    1. Thanks very much Linda. They attracted me as did the mist lying in the valley behind. Much warmer than today (at 19 degrees on the 13th November 2012!).

  4. cool Ellie now what does it look like today ….. ? Can you borrow Steve;s drone as that could be a beauty up high ? all good in Oz .

    1. It looks completely windswept today as we are having winds of between 90-10 km/hr, and a temperature feeling in the region of -16 C with the windchill. It’s horrible out and I’m not going to go to take a look at that farm for anyone today! Steven has no drone…. 😀 But it’s a great idea!

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