Hairless Blue Sowthistle

Hairless blue sow-thistle
Hairless blue sow-thistle

Driving along the road the other day I noticed so many tall, bright blue flowers waving on the verges and assumed that they were cornflowers. I stopped to look more closely (with my camera) and discovered that they were these beautiful, delicate hairless blue sow thistle flowers. I was so sure that these were those I had already photographed that I almost didn’t stop, but am so glad I did. Lesson learned. Never assume that you know for sure without checking things out. Happy Tuesday, all. A Flower a Day #332

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6 Responses

  1. Is that what that flower is called?! That is quite the moniker for such an exquisite beauty. As it turns out, this particular aster has a wide selection of other names to choose from if this one should this one go clunk inn your ear. As for myself I say ‘what’s in a name…’, an aster by any other design would not be so stunning in simple loveliness as this one. Thank you , Ellie, for a WWAD.

    1. As they say, a rose by any other name… 😉
      But you are right, the names are probably many and varied. Another commenter mentioned chicory, and in my reply I linked to an article which explains the (relatively minor) differences.
      I’m glad you like this and pointed out what I had forgotten – that this was another WWAD. Thank you, Janet.

  2. Thanks Ellie I haven’t been able to get wifi at the cottage so haven’t been able to comment. It is a beautiful color. So many amazing Flowers

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