Potentilla Fruticosa - Goldfinger
Potentilla Fruticosa – Goldfinger

This plant, also known as Cinquefoil (five leaves) has special memories for me, on this Flower a Day. It was one that formed a hedge in front of the first house I lived in as a young wife and mother in a lovely seaside town in England. I loved the bright blooms that covered it, cheering up even the most miserable rainy day. I hadn’t paid much attention to flowers growing in gardens until they grew in my own and this mature, thick hedge was a legacy from someone who must have had a love of beauty a long time before I lived there. I think the hedge is now gone, along with the lovely flowering cherries that flanked the front door behind these beauties. But they are still blooming in my memory. Somewhere in our memories there are always flowers blooming. We just have to look for them.
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  1. I was looking for some sun today. I haven’t seen any, but the odd peek through thick clouds, for days. So this potentilla, goldfinger, is just what the doctor ordered. Unlike yesterday’s beauty which requires real skill to convince it to bloom, this happy bush might just be the perfect opposite of that. A profusely flowering shrub, happy in most soils, most zones which asks for nothing from its owner but the space to spread its joy. A bounty of little buttercups eagerly brightening its spot on the globe, how can one not smile upon making its acquaintance. Thank you, Ellie. I feel an inner warmth

    1. A bush of little buttercups! Exactly!
      I’m glad this made up, at least in part, for the lack of sunshine. It’s the same here, so I’m keeping with sunny flowers… Thanks so much!

  2. I love it Ellie the bright colours the contrasting colours the exquisite design of flowers it does brighten your day and it’s nice that you have such good memories associated with it.


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