Goldenrod Cluster

Goldenrod Cluster
Canadian Goldenrod cluster

Our fields and ditches would be much duller places in the summer and early autumn months without the glory of the Goldenrod yellow blooming everywhere. Today’s Flower a Day post is dedicated again to this underrated and often overlooked flower (which is NOT responsible for your seasonal allergies). So many of these wild plants brighten our lives in the countryside, so I am delighted to once again feature a favourite of mine. Enjoy this golden beauty along with a hug for all my friends. Enjoy your day, all!
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4 Responses

  1. Not only is Goldenrod a medicinal and visual beauty, but it is also able to work magic. Probably not wishing to do all the work on its own, it somehow coaxed the sun out from behind the clouds today. I must say that of the two, this one is the most brilliant, sending off warm vibrant rays of yellow, while the one in the sky, try as it might, seemed wan and half-hearted in comparison. I hope it took note. Thank you, Ellie, for brightening my day.

    1. If I, with the help of this lovely Goldenrod have managed to brighten the day of at least two people as well as myself, then I have achieved my objective!
      Sorry, sun, you’ll have to try harder!
      And thanks, Janet, for letting me know.

  2. Thanks again Ellie. It is a very bright sunny cheery flower. And to see it in a group really does brighten your day. Thanks again for sharing and hugs back at you.

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