Golden Promise

Golden Promise
Golden Promises

Today we are back to our regular programming on our Flower a Day and focusing on a field of golden promise – these lovely Chrysanthemums just waiting to burst into bloom. I feel that we could walk right into this sea of buds and they would open as we passed each one. Look! The first ones have already started. A happy burst of light would bathe us as we walked past all the way to the end. If you open this full in the gallery you see the promise in those dew kissed first opening buds. Today that’s what I need, so I am sharing it with you. Bursts of sun and warmth and drops of dew.

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4 Responses

  1. A field of dreams…or is that a dream of fields? full of yellow chrysanthemums. What a delightful imagining. perhaps of a young child darting between the yellow budding blooms reflecting the bright sun onto his/her face, running for the pure joy of it, as only the innocent do, laughing in the pure enjoyment of the moment. Oh yes, I remember it well or is it a false memory that I am wishing had happened conjured up by this image? Either way, I can enjoy the moment it suggests and the memory of what might have been. Thank you, Ellie, for that.

    1. Any happy and joyful memory – real or imagined – that my photographs and posts bring up is a real plus to me. I put these pictures up and attach my dreams and thoughts to them for any who want to read. But for those like yourself, my friend who finds their own inspiration, they become all the richer for us both. Thank you for your comment and dream. xo

  2. That is so beautiful Ellie and certainly what we all need right now. And we’ll probably need for the foreseeable future thanks again for sharing

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