Golden Light Daylily

Golden Daylily Light
Golden Light

On Saturdays for a Flower a Day I have more than a few times featured a lily, so I decided that to brighten the start of your weekend I would bring you this ray of sunshine in a daylily. Yellow is not a colour that I can wear without looking pale and drab, but it is amazing to see how a flower can wear it and look stunning every time (even when a little tired around the edges)! Take this splash of light from last summer and wear it in your hearts through the day as I will. Enjoy your Saturday, my friends.

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4 Responses

  1. This is a day when a splash of sunshine is very much welcome. In the midst of the polar vortex, with the snow swirling around, there is no yellow to be found outside. So I will gaze upon this beckoning vision indoors and soak up its rays with gratitude. Thank you, Ellie, for your warmth.

    1. I think I just knew that I wouldn’t be the only one who would appreciate this bright yellow light today. And if you found it helped to bring sunshine to your day, I am really glad. Once your snow has stopped swirling around outside, I know that you will find a bright yellow sun in blue skies over that gorgeous snowy landscape that we both know and love. Enjoy, Janet! And thank you.

  2. Thanks Ellie it is bright and cheery. Love the yellow day lilies. It does cheer one up to see those lovely flowers knowing that spring is not too far away. Hope you have a good weekend

    1. Thank you for the comment, Linda. I know it’s coming, that is what I keep telling myself, in spite of … how much snow is forecast for tomorrow and Monday?? Well, we will see, but we can still remember that spring is not far away as you say. I hope you have a good weekend too.

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