Glory-of-the-Snow, Scilla Luciliae
Glory-of-the-Snow, Scilla Luciliae

Today’s flower almost was titled Mystery Flower, or Frosty Flower as it proved really hard to identify. My id app wouldn’t even take a stab at it, until I went back to where I photographed it (kneeling on the pavement, near the daffodils from a couple of days ago) and took a photo with my phone. Then it found it – Lucile’s Glory-of-the-Snow, a type of Scilla. At first I thought it had been hit by the frost badly as it has that translucent look of a lettuce that has got too cold in the fridge, or been put in the freezer- don’t ask me how I know that 😉 … But maybe the cold and snow we had that day has given it a bit of that effect. As I haven’t seen this flower anywhere else, I will wait to see if any viewers can enlighten me. I send these lovely tiny flowers with their frilled petals along to you all with a hug for today. A Flower a Day #225

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  1. Looking like either someone having a bad hair day or some exotic sea anemone wafting in the current, the choice is yours (or mine, in this case). Whichever, I find them endearing in their slightly bedraggled and somewhat frail state. Still trying to be proud and hold heads up high, maybe like someone of class who has fallen on hard times, who knows the jewels are real even if in need of some polishing. I say, what if the raiment are a bit frayed around the edges, I can tell the tailor was a very good one indeed. Carry on proudly. Thank you, Ellie. (please excuse the sundry metaphors)

    1. Linda thought these reminded her of starfish, so you both thought underwater and the scene does have that look about it. In the real they didn’t seem that frail. Maybe the frost did get them, but the ‘regular’ scilla next to them were completely unaffected, so I am not sure that is the case. Their tailor was surely one that I would employ myself! I have no issues with mixing metaphors, so mix happily away, Janet. Thank you!

  2. Thanks Ellie they are lovely they look like little starfish to me. Send in a hug back at you hope you have a good day

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