Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisies
Gerbera Daisies

Another flower that brings me so much joy is a bright and cheerful Gerbera Daisy like this one. Another in the Asteraceae family, this lovely plant, also called Transvaal Daisy was also hidden in the darker corners of a store, so I was delighted to come across it. I love the fact I just learned, that these are not single flowers but are actually hundreds of individual ones. I photographed some of these years ago, in 2015, frozen in ice. I might share these later in my project. All those years ago I saw these as joyful happy flowers, even then. I am consistent, at least! So with this happy bloom how could we lack for joy today with Flower a Day?

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  1. What a resplendent duo, these two gerberas! Being back in a dark corner didn’t dim their radiance one iota, or dampen their optimistic outlook. Thank you, Ellie, for bringing them out into the light and allowing them to brighten my day.

    1. I’m so glad you liked my radiant lovelies today, Janet. I don’t mind grovelling around in dimly lit corners when I come across such beauties. Thank you again.

  2. Thanks Ellie they are beautiful. I certainly love those daisies. Their bright colours are always amazing.

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