Full Circle

Full Circle - Ellie Kennard 2015
Full Circle – Ellie Kennard 2015

Original Post: Week 26/26: Full Circle 

This photograph represents to me so much of the concept of ‘Full Circle’. The beginning of the project was on the theme ‘New Beginnings’ and in my case featured a photograph of Steven hand planing the wood beading for our new kitchen cabinets that were being made.  (You can see that original post here). The kitchen is not quite completed (not quite full circle) but the change over this year has been wonderful.  At one time my mother used to say that if we started work on fixing up our kitchen, that would be a sign that we would be on the move. We did plan to do up the kitchen when we first moved in, over 18 years ago, so now, with this work almost completed, it is a completion of our plans and dreams over those past years. And so far no move in sight (I love the kitchen too much to want to leave it so soon).

In this image you see reminders of images that have been shared throughout the year: blue ball for Joni, bottom left of the circle, Molly the black Cornish Rex, drinking from the water bowl, Steven’s boxes (old ones) on the mantelpiece, my copper pans I cook with, my flour mill. And possibly more.

As an aside, on the mantle, an anniversary card shows that another year of marriage has completed, a full circle each year, in a sense. And of course the image, taken with a fish-eye perspective is a full circle. The year is ending, another is beginning.

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  1. +Prue Stopford – thanks a lot, Prue! (I wish there were more ways to thank people…)

    Thank you +Ann Kennedy – any time of the year is a great time to reflect on achievements, especially as we get older! But I agree that it is the conventional time. 🙂

    +Giselle Savoie thank you so much, my friend. I hope we might get to meet again soon.

    Mercy buckets, Joyce +Joyce Fay

    Thank you +Linda Jess and you were a part of making it how it looks, so you also deserve some credit (for helping to lay the floor, for anyone curious!)

    +Valerie Liney – it's just perfect for me. Thanks.

    +donnie martin – I put an explanation on my blog in answer to your question there, Donnie. You can check it out, to see it.

    Thank you John! +John Dusseault

    Thanks so much +Al Chris for that thoughtful comment and indeed for your support all through the project. You have been a terrific moderator!

    +phaga tasoon thanks a lot. Yes, but I have to do the work to make the food now that the kitchen has been made so nice. That suits me as I love to cook.

  2. Thanks a lot +Lynn David Newton – and yes, it is a huge difference. The middle island needs to have its surface tiled and the sink plumbed in and of course all the cupboards (which are not 'display shelves') need doors and then we need to paint. That 'we' is the royal we. It actually means Steven will need to paint. I am not skilled as he is.

    Our bathroom should be done, but I don't see that for the next long while. When we moved in the bath was cracked due to stupidity on the part of the plumber, so we have never been able to use it as anything other than a shower since we moved in 18 years ago. I don't have any idea when it was 'done' but it's actually 'functional' although not easy to keep clean.
    I am thinking I might retake this photo and post in colour (I want to retake it as it needs Joni in it!). 😀

    Thanks so much +Susanne Stelle it is a lovely kitchen to cook (really cook) in, which was just how we planned it (over the years since we lived here.

    +Nitesh D Thakrani thank you.

    Thanks a lot +Donald Farmer

    Thanks so very much +Liz C – I'm glad you like it.

    Thank you +Kieu Van!

    +Sandra Nesbit – thanks very much! I will look forward to seeing your posting when you are back on your main computer. 😀

    +Alan Bland thanks very much 😀

    The fisheye was a perfect idea (thanks Steven), and with my full frame camera it really took this theme literally, thanks +Piotr Edelman

    Thanks so much +Gernot Glaeser 😀

    1. Hello Donnie
      This picture is a circle and the theme is supposed to be ‘Full Circle’. It is the last post for this project this year. That term also means that a project or something like a project reaches a conclusion bringing us bank to the beginning. My first post showed a start of a part of the kitchen project. This one shows the kitchen almost complete. I hope that is clear. ☺

  3. Wonderful…creative idea, Ellie! And a dynamite shot too! I , on the other hand, forgot to switch my BW shot to my traveling computer…so won't be posting this week. Congrats on a beautiful ending to a year of work!

  4. Wow, what a difference! It's beautiful. Would love to see some detail. I was wondering about the state of this project of yours lately and whether it would ever be "finished".

    By coincidence, we have been in the midst of remodeling both bathrooms since October 6. It's very, very close to done, functionally complete. Just waiting for a couple of pieces of hardware to be delivered and installed, which should be here any day. The house was built in 1961, and I think the bathrooms were only incrementally fixed up since then, and not with any intelligence or artfulness. It's taken us over seven years to completely "move into" this house. From here on out it'll be just keeping up with it.

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