Frisbee Lesson #1 (100/365)

The day of the first Frisbee lesson arrived. The snow was (mostly) melted, it was possible to throw it and not have it disappear from view. Joni was used to the idea of bringing back her blue ball to be thrown for her. You can almost see Joni's brain ticking over in this image. She had seen it thrown for her, she had run after it, had managed to pick it up (not easy when it landed on the concrete, not as easy as a ball, anyway) and could see that she was supposed to know what to do next. She was just not ready to give it up quite yet. 

She still (after this was taken, on April 20th) enjoys doing a victory lap or two before bringing it back to be thrown again. But she has the idea now of how it works. A whole lifetime of Frisbee catching is before her. Next to playing with Aria (another border collie) nothing will get rid of her pent up energy as well as a Frisbee game!

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  1. Thanks a lot, +Leslie Sutton 

    I'm glad you like it, +Mari Luukkonen 

    What an absolutely love and heartwarming story +Robin Kida – sounds like you and Abby were made for each other and came along at just the right time.

    Thanks very much +Alicia Smith 

    +Sumit Sen – thanks a lot!

    There is no better toy for them, you are right +Louise Beauregard 

    You got it, +Robt. J. Moore II 😀

    +שלמה ארגוב – thanks a lot!

    I probably should have, +Susanne Stelle – but at the time when I bought it (12 years or so ago) I didn't realise this thing with the colour blue and dogs! The next one will be blue, if I can find a good one.

  2. This is my fur baby Abby. Adopted in Jan 25.2013, after my dog Sammy died. I was truly heart broken and so sad every day. One day I decided to take SAMs left over food and treats to the local shelter were I say a pup about 7 months old in a cage just looking as sad as I felt. So a couple day later I went back to see her. I held little dog in my arms and the visit went fine. When I was ready to leave Abby held on to me with her paws. I was not ready but I adopted Abby anyway. I found out that she had been found in a cage with a mother cat and her two kittens thrown away on a highway. Abby was sick and vary scared of people. But soon warmed up to me. I guess love comes to all of us when we least expect it. So this is our story Abby's and mine. Happy endings are real.

  3. Our last one did too, +Laura Sleeman !

    And she did, +Rachel Ferris, but in the end both of them 'got it'!

    I see that, +Ursula Klepper – and to that she is adding 'chase me for it, come on!' 😀 Thanks a lot, Ursula. I'm glad you like it.

    +Rekha Rao – thanks a lot! I was pleased to catch that moment, for when we look back!

    Thanks for that recommendation, +Steve Kilbride. This one is possibly the same kind of thing. It was bought at a pet store specially for dogs and is a soft one, not brittle. I remember being horrified at the price when I bought it about 12 years ago (the other Joni would go through 2 a week, tearing her mouth as she broke them up). But this has lasted and doesn't hurt her. 

  4. Frisbee is fun.  You might want to consider a chuck-it version like I have for my bc.  It's softer on the teeth, holds up well to doggie play, is easy to pick up, and floats on water.  They come in various sizes.  I've seen them at PetSmart and Canadian Tire.

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